Themes and obsessions

This page is a selective thematic index to recurrent topics in Philosophical Fortnights. Entries are in chronological order.
Dep’t of Dead Language
“There’s a big, fat white elephant in the room that no one wants to see…”
“The genius thinking patterns of Aquarius embolden Libra to follow their own threads of inspiration…”
“You must gird your loins with your newfound gravitas…”
“You see, there’s this perfect storm of risks lined up to make our lives a little more dangerous…”
“If I do that same [expletive] I did last weekend this weekend, y’all just throw me up under the bus…”
Academic Freedom
On the Academic Bill of Rights: background.
Colorado and Georgia.
Details on the events in Colorado.
Analysis and criticism of Mark Bauerlein’s Chronicle piece.
On divine conservation in the natural philosophy of Descartes.
Ways of reading Descartes, with special attention to his religious beliefs.
A sequel to the preceding in the form of commentary on a quotation from Huxley.
The University of Utrecht rescinds its ban on the teaching of Descartes.
What Descartes meant when he said that some ideas might be materially false.
Doing History
“Great sentences” vs. intellectual history.
Philosophy as wisdom and as science.
Commentary on Donald Kagan’s NEH Jefferson Lecture.
Less Science
Two economists try to show that belief in hell is good for the economy. Their own data suggest otherwise.
Signs of bogus science. Why relativism is not progressive.
The Kansas School board hearings. Would creationism be bad for business?
Intelligent design; the Kansas School Board hearings; pharmacists who refuse in the name of religion to dispense prescriptions.
The American Spectator thinks that evolution is the invention of a vast left-wing conspiracy; Rep. Joe Barton harasses some climate scientists. And some real science: Cindy Lee Van Dover’s quest for deep-sea photosynthesis.
The complete works of Darwin are now online. Kansas reverts to creationism. Pat Robertson hands out more anathemas.
An external link to a method of generating texts. “Nine inch nails” is (the initial segment of) an autoacronym.
An external link to “Sort of Human Bondage”, a work generated using Andrew Plotkin’s Markov program.
An exercise in the manner of Oulipo: Chain Link (m,n).
The same, with a touch of OuImPo.