The infra-ordinary: Scholar, disassembled

I received a new shoulder-bag for my birthday. Here are the permanent residents of my old bag awaiting transfer to the new. And yes, every single one of these items (with the exception of the mysterious paper) has proved useful on at least one occasion in the last ten years…
Row 1
a :iPad to monitor adaptor
b :lip balm
c :wallet-sized Fresnel magnifier
d :Altoids tin (contains 1 Ricola lozenge)
e :Staedtler eraser
f :weathered wood from the coast of BC
Row 2
a :Cheshire Cat button
b :fountain pen cartridges
c :binder clip
d :paper clip (“owl” style)
e :tweezers
f :mysterious paper wrapped in plastic
g :AAA batteries, 3 rechargeable, 2 not
Row 3:
a :second pair of reading glasses
b :magnifier with light
c :paper for notes, bookmarks, etc.
d :colored pens, mechanical pencils
e :comb (freebie from Thai Airways)
Row 4:
a :45° triangle
b :bag for sunglasses
c :hand-knit cloth (for cleaning glasses)
d :Ministaff colored pencil kit
e :rotary lead pointer
Row 5:
a :pill box
b :eyedrops
c :miniature portfolio
d :notebook with strap
Row 6:
a :hairbrush (fine)
b :hairbrush (coarse)
c :shoehorn
d :magnifier
e :notebook
f :notebook

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