Dried Roses

Sunday Cat Pix

We dig into the archives to find Musa peeking at us. This is a flip-pic. Move the cursor over it to see Musa move (the second pic may take a little time to load).
Musa stairs
Musa, 27 Dec 2009

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Sunday cat pix

Don’t look back.
Josie, 4 May 2010


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Wednesday garden pix



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Musical sketchbook

End of semester fanfare.

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Sunday cat pix with avian extra

The male half of our backyard pair.
Cardinal, 12 May 2010


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Sunday cat pix

A bit of salad for the cat?
Josie, 15 May 2010

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Musical sketchbook

A little travelling music (1′47″).
alt: barbwire

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Musical sketchbook

Thereafter (2′52″).
alt: barbwire

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Sunday cat pix

Bug’s-eye view.
the undercat
Josie, 30 May 2010

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