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Sunday cat pix

Chasing a binder-clip on the stairs. This is a flip-pic. Move the cursor over it to see Musa move (the second pic may take a little time to load).
Musa stairs
Musa, 10 Dec 2009

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Sunday cat pix

Musa laps.
Musa, 23 Dec 2009


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Sunday cat pix (explanatory)

It has been pointed out that in the first of the latest Sunday Cat Pix the cat seen drinking is obscured by shadow, and his or her identity therefore unclear. We hereby remedy all confusion.
Addendum: Sunday Cat Pix is nothing if not responsive to its viewers. Herewith a letter from a disgruntled correspondent:
But what was pointed out [by this same correspondent in an earlier letter] wasn’t an identity issue. It was that the fact that she’s drinking would be known only to those who know there’s a drinking vessel there—the latter being not discernible in the photo. Hence the referent for “musa laps” might be a subject of some confusion, or even consternation, for the dedicated SCP aficionado. Hardly a fitting holiday gift for your faithful fans.
Needless to say, our correspondent is correct. The purpose of this picture will henceforth (and eternally) be that of indicating that the vessel in question is a drinking vessel.
Musa, 27 Dec 2009

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