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That Iraq thing is just not working out. Obama wants his own war. The situation in Pakistan is a mortal threat to our security. Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, we win yet more hearts and minds, thirty at a time. The future looks bright with our new general.
They torture, we interrogate.
“CIA Torture Program Architect Was Unqualified”. Somehow this doesn’t surprise me. Everybody was either incompetent or corrupt.
Not everybody was a fool when it came to deregulating the banks.
The pension fund scandal in New York ought to make David Broder happy: it’s a bipartisan effort.
Banks fail stress tests, win lots more money.
We’re having trouble selling bonds.
For a planet in peril, what could be better than a tepid compromise?
Say goodbye to the Carteret Islands.
Goths galore at Disneyland.
Mother’s a bit tipsy.
Morgenrot” by Haushka.
Neither death nor taxes
High-speed rail from Vancouver to San Diego!
Will we still need books? Egghead says yes.
Fox’s audience is aging. This would be funnier if I was younger.
What to learn if you want to become a physicist, and what to read.
Calculus book funds fancy house, concert hall.

LinkMay 25, 2009 in Current Affairs