Dried Roses


  • Churchill said “We don’t torture”. It was a big lie then too. Warning: the details are nasty.
  • Jesus was tortured, so God must like torture, so it’s OK. For us to torture them, I mean. The bad guys, I mean.
  • For the “not-me” file. Condi says: “I didn’t authorize torture, I just passed on the orders of those who did”. Maybe she really doesn’t understand that this doesn’t help.
  • Nice idea: the US should exhibit contrition for its crimes.
New makeup
  • On the bright side, I think this may help to drive the word “rebranding” out of polite discourse.
  • Smarts and local knowledge win again over “superior firepower”. Plus: hearts and minds revisited. (This is one of the seven stages of failed foreign intervention. Next stage: our honor requires us to kill more people before we leave.)
  • Let not the flu of swine enter thy body, saith the Lord. But with the Mexican thou mayst consort.
  • Key phrases: “Ponzified risk management” … “exchanging pathogens at blinding velocity”.
  • Pig earth revisited (Missouri is no. 6 in hog production).
Banks and other robbers
  • Chrysler’s fate is in the hands of hedge funds. This is like having an undertaker in charge of your health.
  • Congress and Geithner are wholly owned subsidiaries of the banks.
  • In Sweden, on the other hand, the government owned the banks. But of course they’re socialists. The country must be run by women (see the last item below).
It’s not a recession. The economy’s just taking a little nap
Feelings all the way down
  • Fish feel pain. So do crabs. Another step on the path to panpsychism.
Treats from the Cato Institute
  • Silly women don’t understand that libertarianism is good for them.
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    Sunday cat pix

    A day at the fur factory.
    Josie, 29 Apr 2009
    Musa sniffs the air. Move the cursor over the pic to see Musa move.
    Musa, 30 Apr 2009

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    Sunday cat pix

    The folded-paw stage of sleep.
    Musa, 9 May 2009


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    Sound of the week

    Roun’ roun’ (4′49″).
    alt: rounroun

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    Sunday cat pix

    Musa greets LG as he passes by.
    Musa & LG, 9 May 2009


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    We read stuff

    Don’t worry: earnings are better than expected. Nothing but blue skies ahead.
    Plus ça change
    Obama’s new guy in Afghanistan set up a torture camp in Iraq. He denied access to the Red Cross. He was in charge of Iraq’s version of the Phoenix program, the purpose of which was the covert killing of people regarded as “insurgents”. He was part of the coverup of Pat Tillman’s death.
    The opium trade in Afganistan is flourishing again. For some reason, Karzai’s brother wants to keep this good news secret.
    You get the feeling that other than blowing things up and torturing people, the US Army hasn’t had much to do lately. But they are good at blowing things up.
    Of course it doesn’t help that the people in charge don’t have a plan. (“Firing the field commander” is not a plan. It is, however, one of the Stages of Failed Foreign Interventions. In Pakistan, we are still on one of the early steps, roughly the Diem stage, supporting—or coercing—the government in its attempts to eradicate “militants”.)
    Even more change
    Obama’s new head of the DoJ Environment and Natural Resources Division is a lawyer for GE.
    The chairman of the NY Fed, who has now resigned, had an interest in Goldman Sachs. It paid off: the 37,300 shares he bought in December have increased in value by $1.7 million.
    Some see a problem. But I thought that abusing offshore tax havens was of the very essence of free trade.
    Not corrupt
    Joanna Lumley goes to bat for the Gurkhas.
    The NYT goes to Toronto. Strange how every town looks like every other town in articles like this.

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    Wednesday garden pix

    Peony with friend.
    Update: actually not a friend; it’s a cucumber beetle; they eat flowers.
    12 May 2009


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    Sunday cat pix

    Musa under wraps. Bubble, that is.
    Musa, 23 May 2009

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