Dried Roses

Can’t do better than this

“Stardust” sung by Nat King Cole. The song is by Hoagy Carmichael.


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Sunday cat pix

Land o’ cats.
piles of cats
Musa & Josie, 22 Feb 2009

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Sunday Cat Pix

No bibliophile is without his TLS.
lg & tls
LG, 13 Mar 2009


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Sound of the week

Neo-Baroque from ’98. Midi file converted to mp3 (49″).
alt: neubarock

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Sunday cat pix

Another end (see last week’s pic).
LG, 14 Mar 2009


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Before there were Fortnights, there was…

… a Wayfaring Stranger. The Wayback Machine has preserved some old pages (almost as old as some of my students). For example, the rules for an Oulipian exercise based on the links of the day at Yahoo. Younger folks may not realize that long ago the number of new pages added to the World Wide Web was not only finite, but rather small, in the dozens or scores. In principle you could have looked at all of them, though if you did, then on the general principle that 97% of everything is crap you’d be wasting your time in a way that only historians can turn into gainful labor.

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Sunday cat pix

Another end (see last week’s pic).
LG, 14 Mar 2009

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