Dep’t of Dead Language

Who got emboldened recently?
  • Russia (many times)
  • the Russian bully (at least once)
  • the Georgians (many times)
  • Saakashvili (many times)
  • managements of large institutions
  • some commentators
  • inflation hawks
  • the spirit
  • the right-wing noise machine
  • Libra
  • scientists who think a liquid ocean lies beneath the surface of Enceladus
  • cyclists
  • an already cocky homosexual lobby
  • an “anti-Semitic regime”
  • India
  • friends
  • friends… or enemies
  • book titles
  • Americans
  • criminal activities (but only potentially, which is still enough to get you convicted)
What emboldened them?
  • zingers
  • a concession or bone
  • subsidizing common stockholders
  • today’s interview at CNBC with David Kotok of Cumberland Advisors
  • a “confrontational” approach
  • the break to the upside of the change in the core rate
  • everything’s being reduced to faded prints in the back of a newspaper
  • distancing the Obama campaign from Clark
  • the genius thinking patterns of Aquarius
  • the weak, unresolved response of the West
  • not doing the things that are needed to be done
  • longing to be loved but to no avail
  • a finding
  • bike lanes
  • Gregoire’s being elected and the Legislature’s remaining unchanged
  • a promise from Bush
  • a few suggestions
  • a deal between Steiner and the Iranian government
  • concern for Israel’s future
  • McCoy (a writer of pedophilic fiction)
One of our distinguished contributors below asks: “Is it just me, or does ‘embolden’ already belong on the list of words that will be verboten come 2009?”
I think we know the answer to that one.
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  • Zingers don’t make good foreign policy. They embolden friends and provoke adversaries.
  • More specifically, the “spheres of influence” concession (or a bone if you will) to Russia will not make the countries in the Russian near abroad willing to bow easily to Russian pressure. It will, however, as in case with isolating Russia, threaten further dividing EU and NATO. It may also unnecessarily embolden Russia and other Realpolitik states such as China or Iran to continue or even step up irresponsible behavior in their “spheres of influence”.
  • We, the U.S. taxpayer, will end up subsidizing these common stockholders and subordinated investors, and to what end? It will only further embolden managements of large institutions, thought of as “too big to fail,” to take imprudent risks and swing for the fences.
  • Today’s interview at CNBC with David Kotok of Cumberland Advisors may embolden some of these commentators to become more outspoken.
  • With the “confrontational” approach now being used by the Bush Administration towards Russia, and cheerled by McCain (who wants immediate NATO membership extended to Georgia, a move that would only embolden the Georgians to new and even more stupid military action), we are faced with having our overall military and diplomatic weakness made far worse.
  • The break to the upside of the change in the core rate removes what little cover the FOMC had to hold rates steady until the financial system could be brought back into better balance. While we don’t think this is going to provoke the hawks into open revolt, we do think it will embolden them to step up their calls for a rate increase and to add to the number of dissenting votes.
  • Everything reduced to faded prints in the back of a newspaper. It is humbling. It moves the heart, and should embolden the spirit.
  • Unfortunately, distancing the Obama campaign from Clark will not just reduce Clark’s influence. It will also embolden the right-wing noise machine.
  • Libra shows Aquarius the balancing view, and helps them present their ideas in the best light. The genius thinking patterns of Aquarius embolden Libra to follow their own threads of inspiration. Aquarius can be stubborn in its dogged pursuit of its interests, and that spurs Libra on to higher heights, too.
  • Usually weakness displayed towards a bully will have the effect of fuelling the unreasonable cruelty committed by the bully, and the weak, unresolved response of the West indeed only serves to embolden the Russian bully
  • We don’t do the things that are needed to be done because that would mean the terrorists and guerrillas got what they wanted, and we fear that this will just embolden others to do the same.
  • He longed to be loved and involved but to no avail that embolden him enough to advertise for his desirability through the famous unscrupulous middleman of the town.
  • The pictures are coming back from Cassini’s latest fly-by of Saturn’s ice-moon Enceladus, and NASA’s science team is already spotting big ice-boulders in high places, a finding that could embolden those scientists who think a liquid water ocean — perhaps even warmer than thought — lies beneath the surface.
  • And herein lies one of the many problems with bike lanes… rather than embolden cyclists to become more proficient and competent vehicular cyclists, as ProBike/BikeFed says they will, they instead inhibit the development of the skills and confidence cyclists need to use a bicycle safely as part of the transportation mix.
  • What did Bush promise to Saakashvilli so as to embolden him to carry out a military attack that would likely provoke a retaliatory response from a giant, nuclear-armed, Russian military?
  • If Gregoire is re-elected and the Legislature remains essentially unchanged, it will embolden an already cocky homosexual lobby to make their move for so-called gay marriage.
  • A few suggestions to embolden India into a new era of development are enlisted herewith.
  • The Simon Wiesenthal Center on Wednesday urged Chancellor Angela Merkel to block a $156 million deal between Germany’s Steiner and the Iranian government to build three gas liquefaction facilities, saying it would “embolden” an anti-Semitic regime. “
  • In retrospect, we probably shouldn’t have egged the Georgians on prior to their attack on South Ossetia, or emboldened them in the first place by supporting their aspirations for membership in NATO. So I guess if there’s one thing I’ve learned from the past eight years of the Bush Administration, it’s that emboldening is bad. Whether you’re emboldening the terrorists, or emboldening our allies, the consequences are uniformly unhappy, so take a personal inventory of your life and make sure that you’re not enabling emboldening. Remember: Friends don’t embolden friends. Or enemies, either… Um… In fact, everybody just stop with the boldness, right now!
  • Which books have you read? Post this list on your blog and embolden the ones which you have!
  • If for nothing else, mere concern for Israel’s future should embolden Americans to be more discerning on issues of the Middle East.
  • McCoy was apparently indicted for the crime of “potentially emboldening criminal activities,” according to the words of a prosecutor, although the actual charge is “transportation of obscene materials.” (Is it just me, or does “embolden” already belong on the list of words that will be verboten come 2009?)
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