Dried Roses

Sunday cat pix

I know. It’s Monday. Your tickets will be refunded. This week’s theme: cats in windows. Here we have Musa’s point of view. In the background is the roof of our neighbor’s house.


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The joys of Web 2.0. Now you can read Philosophical Fortnights in a tiny black box. From Widgetbox. I suppose you could make a whole page of these and read twenty blogs at once. Wouldn’t that be cool?

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Sunday cat pix

For all you cat nose fans.


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Sunday cat pix

HS in his minimalist phase.


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Splitsville for Bee & Flower

Move your cursor over the picture to see the big event. The second picture may take a few seconds to load.

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Patterns of the week

stormyfabric3patthumb.jpg Click the View button to see the patterns used as backgrounds.
Click the previews to download them.

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Women are from Venus, men are from Venus

You may have heard about the new study that purports to show that women are less happy than men. Fortunately, Language Log has developed a vaccine that will immunize you against the stupidity issuing from, among other venues, the New York Times. Meanwhile, Deborah Cameron argues in the Guardian that with respect to their use of language, men and women aren’t all that different (see also her new book, The myth of Mars and Venus, from which the Guardian piece is an extract; find it at Best Book Buys, isbn.nu, Powells, ABE).

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HS: a cat story

NB. This was posted at Flickr. I thought I’d post it here too for friends of Cat Pix.
HS is a ginger cat, male, thirteen and a half years old. He came to us as a kitten maybe two months old. We were living in Baltimore at the time, and moving about a block from one rowhouse to another. At 2am we were just bringing the last boxes, when out of the front garden pops a kitten. Up our steps he runs, and on into the house, as if it was his. From then on, of course, it was.
In his youth HS was a rambunctious kitten. No cupboard was too high for him to jump up to. He would wait for me in the afternoon sitting in a window at the back of the house on the second floor, and when he heard me at the back door, he’d run to the front of the house, down the stairs, and to the door before I finished unlocking it.
Three years ago he had a seizure, something like a grand mal epileptic fit. It was as if he’d been struck by lightning. His balance and therefore his gait were out of kilter for a long time after. He walked as if his horizon were at a 20° tilt, and he seemed to have trouble orienting himself.
Last year his right eye was removed because he had cancer in the iris. The eye had been blind for maybe six months before it was removed. Once the wound healed, HS was much happier, no longer feeling the pain of glaucoma. His eye-paw coordination is still surprisingly good: his visual field is reduced, but if he sees something he can grab it.
He spends his days sleeping, mostly in the kitchen. When he sees that you’re about to leave he squawks like a seagull. The two junior cats, especially Musa, treat him with affection. Musa strides beside him when he enters the kitchen as if they were a two-fish school. It must be noted, however, that occasionally HS bites her on the backside.

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Wednesday garden pix

Fungi are uncanny.


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Sunday cat pix

On Thursday he lay on the grass…


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