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July 4th moving cat pix

You may have noticed that there was no Sunday Cat Pic. That’s because CatPix Labs was hard at work on new technology. For the first time ever, we bring you a Moving Cat Pic! Wake Musa up by moving your cursor over the Pic (wait a few seconds for the other picture to load; you may have to click in this window).


LinkJuly 4, 2006 in Cats

Locke & Berkeley on YouTube

At YouTube, a witty take on Locke and Berkeley. I suppose that this is a premonition of what students will be producing in almost every course in a few years.
When you’re done, watch the Hungarian man riding a donkey.

LinkJuly 9, 2006 in History of Philosophy · Jeux d’esprit

Pattern of the week

Click the View button to see the pattern used as a background. Download it.

LinkJuly 11, 2006 in Patterns

HTML/CSS tutorial

For the last three months, about once a week, I’ve been giving some of our graduate students a crash course in web design. The aim has been to give them the skills needed to make a decent-looking, nicely coded home page. Other people may find the tutorial useful too. If you think you might, go to Disjecta membra. If you want to see the entries in order from first to last, go to the Talking about design category listing. I make no great claims for the tutorial; the graduate students liked it, but they had the benefit of my inimitable presence.

LinkJuly 11, 2006 in Web/Tech

St. Louis Storm

There have been at least four pro or semipro teams called the Saint Louis Storm. It’s an appropriate name. On Wednesday we experienced 70mph winds. Hurricane force, though not of hurricane duration. They lasted for just half an hour at their highest intensity. That half hour was enough to knock out power to 500,000 people, including us. Almost forty-eight hours later, after one of the hottest days of the year, and then—thankfully—a much cooler day, the power returned.


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Sunday cat pix

No mere storm can stay the Sunday Cat Pix from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. Only indolence or lack of foresight can do that.


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