Once again: there is no topic so obscure that it has not been discussed on more than one weblog. On 30 October Language Log discussed the neologism ‘Fitzmas’ (coined on the occasion of the indictment of Scooter Libby by the grand jury under Patrick Fitzgerald). Today Language Log notes that the blend du jour is ‘Kitzmas’, the day of the decision in Kitzwilliam v. Dover. U. S. District Judge John E. Jones has ruled that including Intelligent Design in the curriculum violates the separation of church and state.
On the right is another exhibit in the X-mas Museum. It is from Band to Bow, an embroidery site that has made Stickmas its trademark holiday.
I think I’ve had enough. I’ll go home now.
See “Whichmas? Thatmas!” for a survey of what now appears to be an inexhaustible supply of -mas.

LinkDecember 20, 2005 in Current Affairs · Language