Darwin complete

London Sketch Book
(Figaro), 1874
An antidote to the claptrap* emanating from one of our neighboring† states: the complete works of Darwin online at (where else?) darwin-online.org. At the moment the site includes only a description of the project. But the published works of Darwin can be found at another site also edited by John van Wyhe, and some letters from 1858 and 1859 have been published online by the Darwin Correspondence Project.
*See The Panda’s Thumb for details on the decision by the Kansas Board of Education. Pat Robertson has told the good citizens of Dover not to bother praying if a disaster comes. I’m glad somebody knows what God’s up to. His ways, of late, have been yet more mysterious than usual.
†Missouri, by the way, has eight neighbors. Only one other state has as many.

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