And I’ll build a tiny Red Sea for them to drown in…

Tom the Dancing Bug (Ruben Bolling) shows us how creationism will benefit us all. At Salon (subscription or click through ad). Via The Panda’s Thumb.
Also at The Panda’s Thumb: a response by Ed Brayton to a proponent of intelligent design who holds that although intelligent design has “metaphysical implications”, he is not a creationist. The gist of Brayton’s response is that combining “cosmological” and “biological” intelligent design entails a “metaphysical designer”—i.e. a supernatural agent or agents, God or the angels.
I’m still puzzled about inferring infinite power from finite effects… As I’ve said before (“Less Science”), Medieval theologians were too acute to believe that the design argument alone yields the Perfect Being (omnipotent, omniscient, omnibenevolent). For that you need—metaphysics. So the oddity here is that the intelligent design proponent is right when he says he’s not doing metaphysics, but wrong if he thinks that without doing metaphysics he can get God. (Now that I think about how the earlier arguments work, I’m not sure you can even get creation from design. Not ex nihilo.)
Addendum 2 Jul: Storkism in Tom Tomorrow. Can a storkist be a pro-lifer?

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