All Philosophy: Addendum 2

Actually not all philosophy, but “philosophy-related program activities”. See “All philosophy, all the time” for the main list.
  • Carnet de Zénon
    Quotations, poems, pictures. Latest entry: “Le philosophe méconnu Jean Botul”. Among the links found here: the Bibliothèque électronique de Lisieux, which has been publishing one complete text online per month since 1997. Probably the only place you’ll find the estimable Alphonse Karr.lnglabfr.png
  • Fatrazie
    Des “littératures à contraintes”. Lipograms, pangrams, tautograms, palindromes, holorimes… Inspired by Oulipo. See also the journal Formules and the Vieille Grille, an oulipian theatre group. My own contribution to the projet de la LiPo is the Autoacronym.lnglabfr.png
  • Guide to Fallacies
    Stephen Downes. Includes the Categorical Converter.
  • Introduction to Segmental Phonology
    Philosophers tend to move directly from signifiant to signifié. Phonology therefore gets short shrift. The phonology, for example, of Word and object was woefully outdated even in 1960. But who noticed? (I did, & wrote a paper, but some people said it wasn’t philosophy. Oddly enough getting your facts wrong can be philosophy, but correcting those same facts may not be.) If you study the “Introduction” (having learned the IPA alphabet beforehand), you will become acquainted with one of the major achievements of 20th-century linguistics.
  • Hermeneutics
    “From Textual Explication to Computer Understanding?” John C. Mallery, Roger Hurwitz, Gavan Duffy. An article from the the Encyclopedia of Artificial Intelligence (1987).
  • Éditions Jacques Gabay
    Anyone interested in the history of physics and mathematics should know about this. Jacques Gabay reprints 19th- and 20th-century texts (all in French) at reasonable prices (for reprints, that is: the comparison is to Thoemmes and Olms). Examples: Poincaré’s Œuvres, the Encyclopédie des sciences mathématiques, Dieudonné’s Éléments d’analyse and his Panorama des mathématiques pures.lnglabfr.png
  • Langue Sauce Piquante
    Le blog des correcteurs du Monde. Le jargon des protes, les bon mots de Charles de Gaulle et Jacques Chirac, les cancres du classe, le yiddish.lnglabfr.png
  • Majikthise
    “Analytic philosophy and liberal politics”. The philosophy is mostly epistemology, e.g. normativity and conceptual analysis, which rightly asks “why I should care what my personal concept of justification is”. As for the politics, see for example the discussion of conservative complaints about the liberal academy.
  • Mixing Memory
    Ex-philosopher turned cognitive scientist on topics related to epistemology and philosophy of mind. Also politics. Needless to say, he’s one of those liberals we keep hearing about.
  • Publishing in Philosophy
    That’s my name for this informative discussion (at Thoughts, arguments, and rants) of publishing and editing, occasioned by a complaint about Philosophical perspectives.
  • Wood’s Lot
    Occasional items on philosophers, literary theory, literature. A rich site.
The idea for language labels is taken from (I was about to say ‘borrowed’—but how could I give it back?) Der Steen der Eigenwijzen, a site in Dutch and English (you can switch instantly from one to the other), with photos, links, and observations on the web world and Europe. So far I’ve made the following:
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