All philosophy: Addenda

A few more philosophy links. See “All philosophy, all the time” for the main list.
  • Johnny Logic
    John L. Taylor. “Computational philosophy”, logic, AI-oriented philosophy of mind. From a graduate student at CMU.
  • Leibnitiana
    Gregory Brown. If you overlook the klutzy (and for me, only half-functional) menu interface, there’s a lot of material here. Well worth looking at for anyone interested in Leibniz. See also the page of links at Lyon, the Leibniz-Edition-Arbeitsstelle at Potsdam, the Leibniz-Forschungsstelle at Münster, Don Rutherford’s list of texts and translations, and a small archive at the Bibliothèque Universelle (CNAM/CNUM).
  • Philosophers’ Imprint
    An online refereed journal published by the Library of the University of Michigan. Four volumes so far (since 2004), about four papers a volume. Authors include Kit Fine, Richard Heck, John Earman, Tim Maudlin, John Norton, Laura Schroeter, Susanna Siegel. It would be nice if the APA took the initiative on matters like this. Even from the online guide, you’d think that the main business of the APA, apart from jobs, was its by-laws. Like we care. Though I must admit that the idea of an organization whose sole purpose is to amend its own by-laws would be worthy of Borges or Lem. On the other hand, they do handle the job market very efficiently.
  • Semantics Web Resources
    Kai von Fintel. Part of Semantics, etc., which was already listed earlier. Links to researchers.
  • Spinoza
    Rudolf Meijer. Selected works of Spinoza in Latin, notes on Book 3 of the Ethics, links.

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