More blogs etc.

Mostly physics this time.
  • arXiv Math: The principal site for mathematics preprints. Physics is here too, even a little history of science.
    Daily. Almost all the papers are in English.
  • Luboš Motl’s Reference Frame: Luboš Motl. Branes and cosmology; politics (US & Czech).
    Frequent. In English.
  • Musings: Jacques Distler. A physicist’s notes on current events, mostly physics with a bit of politics. String theory, supergravity, cosmology.
    Frequency varies—on average, twice a week. In English. Some entries require MathML.
  • The Panda’s Thumb: Various authors. Notes on and in defense of evolutionary theory. Fighting the good fight against Creationism, Intelligent Design, and other pious frauds. They won’t run out of material soon. The next four years will certainly see more attempts to introduce pseudoscience into the schools, and to intimidate those who attempt to teach theories that have stood the test of time, & are now as firmly a part of science as Copernicanism. (Or is that next? Better to let sleeping dogs lie.) The bright side is that a US that reverted to the science of 1840 would be much less dangerous to the rest of the world. See also Evolving Thoughts (John Wilkins), Pharyngula (P. Z. Myers), and the EvoWiki.
    Daily. In English.
  • teleport.png
    Credit: Malcolm Tarlton, AIP
    Science Blog: One of a number of sites that gather together press releases from researchers and science organizations. Others include Science Daily, Eurekalert, and Infoscience (in French). Actu’Nature (in French) covers ecological and environmental issues. Physics News Update, from the American Institute of Physics, offers two or three items in physics about once a week; there is also an archive of graphics.
    Daily (except Physics News Update).
  • SciSpot: Woody Eadie. Amateur science and science news; some politics.
    Almost daily.
  • The String Coffee Table: Physicists at the University of Texas (and some guests) on the latest in string theory and brane theory. Not for the faint of heart.
    Daily. In Engish.
  • This Week’s Finds: John Baez. Long before blogs, there were newsgroups. This Week’s Finds began as a regular contribution to sci.research.physics. It is now up to #208. Baez is one of the best explainers I know of. Whether the topic is Lie groups, octonions, n-categories, or quantum gravity, when I read him I at least have a feeling of understanding—and the hope that it would not take superhuman effort to understand the stuff. The accumulated collection of TWF is also a nice topical guide to arXiv in those areas that Baez works in. The title of this weblog alludes to Baez’s.
    Irregular. In English.

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