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In keeping with the early blogworld ideal according to which a weblog should consist entirely of links to other weblogs—preferably only those that link back—, here is another set of links. This time it’s blogs on philosophy or by philosophers, plus a few on language. I wish I knew why so many philosophical weblogs are run by epistemologists. See the Addenda, 1 and 2.
  • Online Papers in Philosophy
  • Philosophy Papers Online
    These two sites contain links to papers. The first is managed by Brian Weatherson, and tracks changes to pages that link to papers. New entries show up almost daily; you can do the usual string searches. The second, more austere, site is managed by Richard Heck. It resembles arXiv.org both in its procedure and in its circa-1995 look. You can search by date of submission, author, title, keywords, or area.
  • SWIF Rassegna Stampa
    The Italian press actually pays attention to philosophy. Book reviews, interviews, notices of conferences. In Italian. SWIF (Sito web italiana per la filosofia) is an online “review”, one of the older sites of its kind, with a wealth of information for those who read Italian. I read the “Rassegna Stampa” links to maintain my—merely serviceable—reading ability.
  • Philosophical Weblogs
    A list compiled by David Chalmers when he was still at Arizona. Online Papers also has an extensive list. See also Ektopos.
  • Kai von Fintel: Semantics
    A general list of people working in semantics.
  • The Audhumlan Conspiracy
    Group weblog. Personal notes, BoingBoingish commented links, linguistics.
  • Certain Doubts
    Group weblog managed by Jon Kvanvig. Epistemology.
  • consequently
    Greg Restall. Philosophical content here.
  • Crooked Timber
    A group weblog. Mostly politics.
  • Desert Landscapes
    Graduate students at Arizona.
  • The Disseminary
    “Wisdom wants to be free”. Starting point for two weblogs on theology: AKMA’s Random Thoughts and <limature>.
  • Easily Distracted
    From Timothy Burke at Swarthmore. Comments on academic life. Lately it’s mostly politics.
  • Ektopos
    Links, forums, lists.
  • Emiratio
    An undergraduate at Western Washington (is Bellingham as nice as it was 20 years ago?). If only I’d been this savvy and well-prepared.
  • Ephilosopher
    Another omnibus site like Ektopos. The two sites seem to be using the same content-management software.
  • Experimental Philosophy
    By & for philosophers interested in bringing empirical results to bear on philosophical claims in ethics, philosophy of mind, &c.
  • Fake Barn Country
    Epistemologists doing epistemology. Lively. Almost makes me wish I had intuitions.
  • The Garden of Forking Paths
    Mostly ethics and moral psychology.
  • habergrrl's Xanga Site
    The real world of gradstudentdom. Every full professor should read something like this once in a while.
  • Houyhnhnm Land
    Tidbits on early modern intellectual history, including philosophy. By the author of Siris. Also nice, and not just because the author linked to me.
  • LaTeX for Logicians
    Stop smirking. Logicians have to have fun too. —Not a blog, but a very useful list of resources.
  • LogBlog
    Logic, logic, and logic. And a little not-logic, which is not the same as illogic.
  • Metatome
    Group weblog on teaching philosophy.
  • Mumblings of a Platonist
    Since this is a philosopher’s weblog, these are very articulate mumblings. Includes cat pix.
  • Opiniatrety
    Etymologically dubious, but epistemologically sound.
    Addendum (17 Dec 2004): Not dubious after all. It’s Locke’s anglicization of the French opiniâtreté, from opiniâtre, ‘opiniated’ (the suffix -âter, from Greek -aster, denotes a pretender to whatever is denoted by the stem, as in ‘poetaster’, ‘philosophaster’). I find it almost impossible to pronounce ‘opiniatrety’ correctly more than once in a row.
  • OrangePhilosophy
    Graduate students at Syracuse.
  • PEA Soup
    A group weblog on “philosophy, ethics, and academia”.
  • Philosophers’ Carnival
    Once a month a philosophical weblogger gathers up worthy posts from philosophical weblogs.
  • philosophy of art
    Group weblog. Some nice discussions. Too bad no-one’s posted since September.
  • Philosophy of Biology
    Group weblog. Darwin, anti-creationism, bioethics, notes on conferences. Panda’s Thumb is meatier; on the politics of the evolution debate (in calling it a “debate” I’m being polite to the creationists, who are not fussy about their means) see EvolutionBlog.
  • phonoloblog
    When it comes to matters phonological, we here at phonoloblog take such claims like “phono-fact x is similar to phono-fact y” seriously. I was once a phonology geek too.
  • Réseau Voltaire
    “Pour la liberté de l’expression”. News on war, human rights, censorship, the media. In French.
  • Sarkar Lab WebLog
    Evolution, the environment.
  • Scribo
  • Semantic Compositions
    Matters linguistic, e.g. the meaning of ‘item’ in ‘ten items or less’, video gamers’ English, &c. See also Language Hat, Language Log, Linguistix & Logic, and Les Coups de langue de la grande rousse.
  • semantics etc.
    Philosophy of language, philosophical logic, formal semantics. Links, some discussion, reports on conferences. Frequent posts.
  • Siris
    Well-written weblog by Brandon Watson on philosophy and religion; recent posts (as of 24 Nov) have discussed or mentioned Intelligent Design, Bayesianism, and the Gifford Lectures.
  • Stoic News
    You’d think that the Stoics, being dead, would not be generating a lot of news these days. On the contrary. This weblog includes items on Stoicism proper, virtue ethics and the psychology of the virtues, and personality.
  • Tangled Bank
    Another “carnival”. Weekly compendium of science weblog articles. The topic varies with the selector.
  • This is Not the Name of This Blog
    Graduate students at Rochester.
  • Thoughts Arguments and Rants
    Brian Weatherson. Philosophy of language, news of the profession.
  • Undetached Rabbit Parts
    Group weblog from Western Michigan.
  • Wrongheaded
    A mostly personal weblog by Chris Grau, a former graduate student from my old institution, now at Florida International.

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