The program I use most of the time for postings to Typepad is ecto, which I strongly recommend. The interface beats Typepad’s own six ways to Sunday. The feature I like best is a glossary, called “HTML Tags”, using which you can insert bits of text with a single keystroke. It’s quick to set up and works flawlessly.
I have lamented the occasional crash after a failed attempt at posting. Were it not for that, I would have no criticisms of the program. I see now that Adriaan Tijsseling is working on ecto 2.0, an upgrade that looks like it deserves to jump right to 3.0.
Any Mac user1 writing a weblog in Typepad or with Moveable Type (to mention just two of the APIs supported by ecto) ought to give ecto a try. And if you use it, buy it! There’s a lot of labor in evidence here.
1. An ecto for Windows is under development.

LinkAugust 16, 2004 in Web/Tech